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Bus, Metro and Hospitals

The airy, bright and friendly apartment is located in a popular residential and office environment, just a block from Avenida Balboa and the park opened in 2010, the Cinta Costera. With the view of the marina, the Skyrise Buildings by Paitilla to the left and San Felipe, the Old Town and behind it to Amador and Taboga Islands enjoy a magnificent view of the turquoise Pacific. Before you see the chain of your passage through the Panama canal cargo ship lying at anchor, cruise vessels and Panamax container ships.

Avenida Balboa is the new essential connection with the Pan-American neighbourhoods of San Felipe, Calidonia, Bella Vista, Marbella and the southern parts of the city up to the highway to the airport Tokumen.

Immediately in the vicinity are hospitals Santo Thomas Hospital, the Hospital del Nino and the National Hospital specializing in international patients.

Just a block the new Metro station "Hospital Santo Thomas"



Playing Golf?

Golf: Summit Golf Club is a world-class championship course on the East coast of the Panama Canal on Gaillard Highway, Panama City, Panama. It is a world-class championship course.

Summit Golf & Resort has a long history. Originally it was built in 1930 for US-Americans that worked in the Panama Canal Zone. After they left the country, it was completely renovated to world-class standards.

The course is a 6626 yards par 72 championship course set designed by American golf course architect

Jeffrey Myers. The course is based on gentle hills overlooking the famous Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal and the 'Camino de Cruces 'National Park.


The layout offers multiple tee with generous landing areas and moderately contoured surfaces.

The facility also features a full-service practice and a six-hole par three course for children. The greens are made of Bermuda grass. 

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